Sniffle Stopper

A summer cold has me running to Juice Bar huntsville for a SNIFFLE STOPPER essential oil shot and a chaser of the small FRESH GREENS juice. 75 calories total!! 😱

Sniffle stopper includes; ginger, lemon, cayenne and 'on guard' essential oil blend.

PRO TIP---> juicing and smoothies can be extremely high in carbohydrates and calories. To help keep that in check good rules to go by:
1) always order a SMALL
2) Aim for your drink to be mostly (70-100% ) vegetables/greens.
[in general---> 1 cup of raw greens = 5 total carbohydrates. 1 cup of fruit = 15 total carbs]

***if using a drink as your meal, be sure to either add protein to the drink or eat some protein on the side for it to be a more satisfying meal that will stick with you longer.

Bonus side effect::: the cayenne sprinkled on top gives your lips a lovely plumping effect for that 'bee stung' look 😳😝😚

— at Juice Bar - Huntsville.

HealthRachel Brown