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I am most active on my Instagram page @rocketcitydietitian with posts and daily stories. You can also follow me with my facebook page : Rocket City Dietitian

You can also read my articles I have written for Rocket City Mom (a local amazing blog here in Huntsville). I will link them in posts that may correspond with ones I post on this site.

  • I am working on this website, so it is a work in progress! Please hang in there with me!

I am a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and mom of two living in Huntsville, Alabama the Rocket City.

We moved here in 2016 from Nashville, TN with our red standard poodle and my husband.

I have worked in many areas within the Registered Dietitian field: In-patient & Out-patient nutrition education, Bariatric, Medical Weight Loss, Virtual Health & Wellness Coach and as a Certified Diabetes Educator with inpatient/outpatient as well as in a pediatric endocrinologist office as a Certified Diabetes Educator.

I have ALWAYS been a foodie at heart. My parents claim my first word was “HAMBURGER”!

My food philosophy is “ALL FOODS FIT”. I believe we can make your favorite food work into a healthy lifestyle and no food or food groups need to be eliminated without a reason (food allergies etc..)

**I plan on making this website a variety of posts! Foodie/Nutrition/Diabetes/Mom and local Huntsville, Alabama happenings.

***Stay tuned to more as this website is developing !

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