Organic Blueberry Picking at Zooks Orchard!

Blueberry picking season is here! Our favorite local farm, Zooks, is just 30 minutes from Huntsville and is also an organic blackberry and honey farm too!

Only $2.50 per pound this blueberry/blackberry orchard is worth every penny!

The isles are wide and it is easy to move around and harvest your berries into the provided bag and bucket. New this year are the wild blackberries and they are tasty!

We ventured to the back of the farm and watched the bees fly around the bee hives. Soon honey will be harvested and sold for $14 a jar at the check out stand by the house.

*Major Credit Cards taken for payment as well as cash & port-a-potty on site for guests.


Saturday 8am-1pm

Weekdays: Mon-Fri 6:30pm until dark

Sundays: Closed

$2.50/lb blueberries and blackberries

$14/pint Natural Honey (available beginning June 17th 6:30pm)

Make a Day of It:

We love to stop by our favorite Meridianville bakery and cafe, Hamley Bake Shop, on our way back into Huntsville to grab a drink and a bite to eat. Offering sandwiches, tea, coffee, lattes, cookies, macarons and more, this is the perfect stop between Zooks and Huntsville.


Zooks Orchard

848 Mint Springs Rd

New Market, Alabama


Several Varieties of Blueberries